2020 Annual General Meeting & Elections

MTB 2020 AGM/Election Form

The 2020 Mind The Bar Foundation AGM is fast approaching and we ask that all members take the time to exercise their duties and rights within the Foundation to help decide its future and continued goals of improving the hospitality industry as a whole. Below is some very important information regarding the AGM and membership renewal;


  • Self Nominations Deadline – June 1st 2020
  • Online Elections Open – June 8th 2020
  • Online Elections Close – June 15th 2020
  • AGM – June 22nd 2020

As a member of Mind The Bar Foundation it is important to remember that your voice counts regarding the state and direction of the organization so please take the opportunity to fill out the form accordingly, as this is also how your annual membership will be renewed.

The Annual General Meeting of Mind The Bar Foundation will be held June 22nd, 2020 at 11:00am. Due to the current physical distancing guidelines, travel restrictions, and to allow all members to attend, the meeting will be held via Zoom chat and an invite will be forwarded to all members of the Foundation ahead of time to join and participate. 

The 2019/2020 Director’s Report can be found under the ‘About Us‘ section of the Mind The Bar website.

Additionally, should any of your personal or contact information, including name, address, phone number, or email, need to be updated please forward all necessary changes to info@mindthebar.com so that our office of records is up to date. 


As per article 2.7 of the Foundation’s Constitution, all members MUST renew their membership prior to the conclusion of the next annual general meeting (regardless of when they became a member.) Failure to renew will result in the subsequent expulsion from the Foundation and termination all duties, rights, and access associated with being member of the Foundation.

*Should a person fail to renew their membership prior to the conclusion of the next annual general meeting, they can/must reapply for membership and await subsequent approval of the Board.

Last year, Mind The Bar experienced remarkable growth as it saw its membership multiply almost tenfold. It successfully launched its 24/7 LifeWorks counselling and support services, and gratefully received an tremendous amount of fundraiser donations, 100% of which were, and always will be, put towards mental health resources, education, and support for the hospitality industry. Internally, Mind The Bar also continued its ongoing effort to help more people in more places, establishing some of its committees & collaboration events. But the work is far from over. 

Today the mental health and wellbeing of the hospitality industry as a whole has been affected more than ever before with an ongoing pandemic forcing restaurants and bars to close, some permanently, leaving countless people unemployed, and casting ever increasing uncertainty about the future of the industry. But while some have said this crisis has highlighted the fragility of our hospitality industry, I would argue that it’s shown us just the opposite. It has continued to serve as a testament to the incredible inherent sense of community, the unbreakable strength of will to overcome and readiness of so many to support one another in times of need without hesitation or question. 

This is what Mind The Bar was built on: That no matter who you are or where you work, this industry is and always will be a family – a family who will be there for one another, come what may. As this pandemic continues to change the face of the hospitality industry, Mind The Bar will continue to strive to help where and how it can. But it can only do this with your help because, as a volunteer not-for-profit foundation, it is only as strong as the selfless participation of its members. 

Mind The Bar may have evolved from a personal Facebook post but it’s become far more than I could have ever imagined. It has long since outgrown the roundtable conversations and planning of its infancy, and its future will only be as strong as those who are committed and willing to work together towards its goals of creating positive changes in our beloved industry. 

This year there is a desperate need for new Board members and AGM involvement, including a call for self-nominations, renewal of membership, and input about the direction and priorities of the Foundation. I hope that despite the tremendous hardships our industry continues to endure, Mind The Bar members take every opportunity to get involved as much as possible. We are a sum of our parts – I sincerely hope you will continue to be a part of Mind The Bar,

Shoel Davidson