Workplace Harassment

HARASSMENT Examples of what constitutes harassment when repeated or one single severe event

● Preventing a person from expressing himself or herself: yelling at the person; threatening; constantly interrupting that person; prohibiting the person from speaking to others.

● Unwanted sexual advances which may or may not be accompanied by threats or explicit or implicit promises.

● Making rude, degrading or offensive remarks.

● Making gestures that seek to intimidate.

● Engaging in reprisals for having made a complaint under this Policy.

● Discrediting the person by spreading malicious gossip or rumours, ridiculing him/her, humiliating him/her, calling into question his/her convictions or his/her private life, shouting abuse at him/her.

● Compelling the person to perform tasks that are inferior to his/her competencies that demean or belittle him/her, setting the person up for failure, name calling in private or in front of others.

● Isolating the person by no longer talking to him or her, denying or ignoring his or her presence, distancing him or her from others.

● Destabilizing the person by making fun of his or her beliefs, values, political and/or religious choices, and mocking his or her weak points.